Increasingly Spanish companies are active outside SPAIN. Rasher International Sureties, as a Rasher Company Insurance Brokers, in an effort to provide its customers with the best service has an international department to provide this service to their customers. We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in civil liability risks, damages and international transport.

The common objectives of all international insurance programs are:

  • Global control of international risks and their coverage.
  • Cost Containment and optimization.
  • Adequate coverage of all risks identified.
  • Correct resizing and standardization of insurance coverage.

To achieve these objectives, we design comprehensive programs with local policies, local programs where necessary, as well as programs on freedom to provide services.

The working set forth in the following phases::

  • Define the insurance industry.
  • Define World countries where the service is needed.
  • Define the activity and risks that can be insured.
  • Identify the legal requirements of the country or countries.
  • We propose the coverage and limits applicable in each country.
  • We get to market risks.
  • Conduct ongoing evaluation to find global solutions always.
  • Through partnerships with our international partners.
  • Our collaboration system allows us to always choose the more local broker specializing in the management of a particular risk.
  • We design and we lead the implementation and subsequent monitoring of an action plan and management protocol for each program.
  • We seek out and advise on the best international program structure enabling them to offer broad coverage at the lowest cost (Freedom to Provide Insurance, Local Policies, Guarantees Financial Interest, Captive etc.).
  • Having identified all the risks incurred by the company, along with customer design an insurance program custom tailored to your needs and risk management strategy.